Consideration - an Extension.

Consider - meaning to take something in view/ to think about something. How often do we use it? Never rare, because it is handy. Everywhere right from asking for help, offering a job, informing someone, and where all. And we expect people to consider us. Do we know the meaning of consideration? It is a verb; a verb that defines an action; an action in form of a gesture; a gesture of implementation; an implementation is an extension.

Sit back and understand.

Have often do you consider yourself? The surrounding you? The chaos around you or the hustle-bustle of your daily life. I read somewhere if ever given a choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. And I always do. Because I, honestly, am least bothered about being right always. I believe in kindness, karma, and the fate that follows. I happened to be spiritual, through the act of kindness I had been observing from the surrounding than to take the path of religious beliefs. I do not disrespect any religion as such, for all of them are beautiful in their ways. But I was too young to understand the difference and hence made a choice which later happens to be my personality. You can’t be right always, or if you are, for a bunch of heads you will be wrong, and they’re always is going to be two sides of coins. When you choose kind, you choose to grow by helping others. When you consider something for someone, unknowingly there is a whole chain that is connected following your gesture. I questioned my friend the same and she chose kind, but a minute later she contradicted her choice. It is not difficult to be kind, we just find the unkindness easy so fail to look to the other option.

My roommate suffered Epilepsy attacks and I was the only person right by her side in town. Being younger than her and unaware of it, I panicked frantically and scared in despair. I had never seen an epilepsy attack before and it scared the shit out of me too be honest. A human in front of you all shaking head to toe, biting her tongue, nerves stiff, half-conscious, puking along and eyeballs rolled above. It looked scary. I still managed to gather some courage and hospitalized her. Just after that her friends and family came in for her and I was relieved. I observed something, for the following couple of days/months, everyone asked me about her. I then understood what consideration could be. Indeed her well being was a consideration, but none asked me how I managed to be there, gather courage, managed hospital rounds, took care of her in those midnight attacks, if I ate, amidst the pandemic. I expected someone to ask me how am I doing? Just one question and my answer would have been “fine” but I did expect. I was alone too, young and weary. That would have been the greatest act of kindness. We often ask for the patient but how many times we ask the nurses around, the caretakers, the spouse, the family? For they must have been scared, traumatic, weary, panicked, in pain, missed meals, sleep-deprived and seeking a shoulder. We see in these covid times the nurses and doctors running around doing their absolute jobs indeed and well trained. But we aren’t trained for anything and we seek just one gesture of consideration. Unwillingly.

I witness my colleague managing her job and house well. We happen to be alike and I admire how well she manages everything. Her husband suffered covid-19 and she still stayed strong. Her mum came positive too, in a different city and she still stayed strong. She still managed to write for her career, took care of her husband, managed to help her parents in a different city through her contacts, and smiling as ever. I called to ask about her and offer any possible help I could do for them, she did admit that she was a little scared in beginning hearing all at the same time. And I could be nothing but proud of her. No one teaches us to be strong, cheerful and take it all in a go but we still do. We choose to learn. We choose to act. We choose to fight. There are millions of her in this world, I am sure they all must be doing the same with kids in addition and very gracefully.

My mother had always been an inspiration in my life and plays the role of the model I look forward to. She managed us, the kids, without my dad around, a joint family without my dad being around her to support her mentally. He did stay abroad to fulfil our finances but there she was. Young and strong. Alone and courageous. Took bad days and cherished the good ones. Laughed with everyone and cried in silence to bed. I watched her every day since I was a kid, observed her and she never stopped to amaze me. I call her every day since we are in different cities because all while observing her I learnt she did want that consideration too. She wanted someone to ask her too. She takes care of my grandparents and I take care of her. Likewise, I ask everyone about their day - my vegetable vendor, my neighbours, my colleagues, offer help to strangers in need, smile always to people who cross my path. It takes 12 muscles in total to turn that straight line into a beautiful curve, and in return, it gives a peace worth smiling.

Consider the small efforts done by someone, consider the help, be grateful. Consider the person who cares and never take anyone for granted. For when they will be gone, the void could never be filled. Just be grateful. Consider a meal offered, a place to stay. Consider feelings most importantly, when someone buys you something, they are cutting their pockets and doing it out of love, kindness, happiness, so just consider it. They might run short, but yet they do.

We all should unite and be kind towards each other. It is no big deal to ask someone how they are doing, but for them, it could be all they need at the time. Extend a hand towards kindness. And let this be twice as contagious as covid-19.

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