Love, a Bitter Bliss

I dislike the current engagement scenes. My view over this running dating or so-called casual dating puts me to disguise. We meet each other frequently but do not want to owe each other. We physically involve ourselves but are afraid of being felt. We are so close held in each other’s arms and yet keep ourselves miles away from it. What is it that we are running away from? What is it that we are afraid of? What is that fear that eats us alive? Why are not we open? Are we suppose to restrict ourselves from love? Hide it forever? Had it been the previous heartbreaks always bounding us to move forward? It disguises me, an idea of seeing each other and not expressing, an idea of just filling our needs for physical pleasure. It frustrates me to be involved in one such relationship, which we dare not call a relationship. Where we are asked millions and zillions times of being aware of dead ends, keep our feelings hidden, move on with no-strings-attached, carry things for the time -being, the “see where it goes”, and many more excuses we put forward to allow ourselves to hop from one to other, meaninglessly.

In reality, we are unaware. Unaware of the different forms of love, different forms of attachment, different pleasures to seek. We blind ourselves with a single ideology of heartbreaks after every relation. We can love and be loved but we don’t allow others and restrict ourselves too. We are that’s why unaware because we are afraid of risk. Risking ourselves into these different phases and mystical forms of loving.

In true sense, we must explore. We love our friends and families. Some of them are close to us and we love them to death. We are so fond of them and afraid of losing. We happen to be great at that form of loving because we expect nothing from them. We accept them as they are. We do not seek for pleasures from them but their happiness which matters to us and so are our actions intended to keep them there.

Likewise, we must love. We must love fearlessly, deeply and meaninglessly. Love is a mere beautiful feeling in the state of our mind that elevates our levels of hormones to cheer us all day. We must love people we see out of curiosity to know them, to accept them - their faiths and flaws. To love a flaw is to bring yourself a step closer to your own world and broadening of understanding human nature. You must love every human being you by-pass in your so-called casuals. Do not be afraid of this love, drench yourself into one. Soak yourself with as much as you can. Let yourself be loved by others. For you will receive an unexpected amount of care, love, and joy. A paralysed human knows the real value of touch. A blind knows the value of sight. An orphan knows the value of love. Do not restrict it to infatuation. Spread love, spread joy. For you can love most of them and receive the same in abundance. Do not be afraid of love, for each of them is one of a kind to explore.

Do not be afraid of the heart-breaks that may follow. Hearts will break if you love. It might break multiple times as well. But then you will realise, for they are not heartbreaks but the lack of strength to let go. Along with the art of giving love, the art of loving someone, learn the art of detachment. Detachment is another beautiful strong word meaning to distant yourself from anything. Detachment is equally important and we all must learn not to ignore and move on in life, but to let go of those people we love with a kiss goodbye. When you love someone, you desire them to be happy and no matter what lies ahead you must let go of them for the sake of that happiness you wish for them. Truly, you can never unlove someone, we might hold a soft corner for some for quite a long time, or maybe forever. But keep loving, share this love. Share love. Give out the love. Love yourself, people, pets, things, and learn to detach when the time comes. Never be afraid of telling someone that you love them, to return the love you give is their choice, but to be honest with your feels, to be true to yourself is your choice. So choose wisely.

Love is a blessing. It is bliss. It is beautiful. The autumn wind sheds an entire tree to lifeless branches but the tree never stops growing. Love may hurt us sometimes, wounds may stay longer than expected, but that is the sign of you being wiser, stronger and honest. Be proud of that heartbreak, be proud of yourself for loving fearlessly, for giving out your soul. It may carry bruises and scars, but these scars are beautiful. Do not build hatred for someone who left you loved, be stronger than before. People are a part of your journey, some be lessons others be blessings. You are writing your own chapters in your journal of the journey, make sure to end every chapter with a good and happy note. When you learn the art of detachment, you lose all the fears you hold to love and to be loved. You flow like the brooks amidst the chaos making its way to the destination crossing every hurdles and obstacle into one large stream which ends in a sea that meets the ocean. Free yourself. Open yourself. Strengthen yourself. Be the best at giving out love unconditionally to everyone, expecting nothing in return.

Forgive those who are not returning your love. Forgive those who are unable to love or express, instead help them and teach them. For they might need a hand, and you might be a lesson in their life. Forgive for what they say unaware of these forms of love, forgive them for their attitudes and disgrace towards this feeling. For they are yet not evolved enough to understand this art, these forms of love. Forgiveness is an act of kindness. Ever given a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.

Do not be just a drop of the ocean, be an entire ocean in just a drop.

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