How did I end up here?

Updated: May 18, 2021

We often ask ourselves at some point of time this question. Unaware of the time traveled, roads taken, lost & baffled or loaded with enthusiasm. I tell you my story of how did I end up here! Hi. I am Harshana and I work as a Research Assistant. Biology has been spinning my DNA and I am surprised at how did I ended up being that? More than that, I wanted to put out my ideas and thoughts not shared that lay buried deep down my mind, on a platform to connect more people like me. We are all same. We have many similarities amongst us. This is no like one fashion blog or educational or motivational. This would be just a me talking to someone who is reading this. Who is connecting to me. After a long tiring day in a city of strangers we often want to return home at the end of the day, but we compromise, make our bed in the house rented and go to sleep. We also want to talk to someone not on the phone but in person to share our day detailing every second of incidences happened, but we make our bed, and go to sleep. Sometimes, we so much wish to have one friend in the city of unknowns, to go hang out, go walk on streets, go buy packets of milk, bread and eggs together, but we, we just procrastinate for the next day, make our beds and go to sleep.

For I have witnessed everyday, and decided I want to end up here. I want to be with people coming home alone. I want to have someone listening to my stories of the day. I want to be one of them, for I have witnessed the same.

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